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Luther Vandross It is beyond dispute that Luther Vandross is one of the most influential R&B singers, songwriters and producers of the '80s. What makes him unique among other giants in his genre such as Prince and Stevie Wonder is that he stays true to the genuine R&B feel showing the least impact by the profitable pop appeal. The beginning of his career in the early '70s is marked by backup singing performances that make him ascend to a top session vocalist. He records two albums for Cotillion under the name "Luther," teaming up with the session groups Roundtree and Change. In 1981 Luther enters into an agreement with the Epic label and records his debut album, Never Too Much, which climbs up the R&B charts and is sold in two million copies. Through the 80s Luther keeps his successful solo career growing. The succession of hit albums Forever, for Always, for Love (1982), Busy Body (1983), The Night I Fell in Love (1985), Give Me the Reason (1986), and Any Love (1988) shoots him to R&B stardom and at the very end of 80s he also marks breakthrough on the pop scene, when Epic releases The Best of Luther Vandross...The Best of Love, a selection of his greatest hits, including the new track "Here and Now," his first Top Ten pop hit. Luthers following album, Power of Love (1991), marks equal success and brings two pop hits, "Power of Love/Love Power" and "Don't Want to Be a Fool." Though the 90s Luther records some notable albums that spawn duet hits with Janet Jackson ("The Best Things in Life Are Free") and Mariah Carey ("Endless Love"). In One Night With You: The Best of Love, Vol. 2 (1997) Vandross collects his most remarkable hits from 1991 to 1996, and in the following I Know (1998), Smooth Love (2000) and Luther Vandross he shows his renovated creative might. The latter album Luther records with his new label J Records. Vondross collaboration with them gives birth to "Dance With My Father", which in his words is his

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"career song". The song is included in his most personal and, unfortunately, last album - The Dance With My Father. Luther does not manage to enjoy the euphory around the official release of the album as he is cut down by an unexpected stroke that he fails to win the battle with. The Dance With My Father album debuts at number one and the smash title hit wins the Grammy for "Song of the Year". In the course of his noteworthy career, Luther Vandross contributes a lot to preserving the authentic face of R&B by both leaving memorable music works and producing albums for talented female singers such as Aretha Franklin.

Luther Vandross on Google News   Luther Vandross on Yahoo News

... are among the artists paying tribute to one of contemporary R&B's most celebrated balladeers on "So Amazing: An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross." The album ...
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