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Mandy Moore Amanda starts preparing to be a star at the fragile age of 6. Mandy comes into the world on April 10th, 1984 in Nashua, New Hampshire. She later moves to Orlando, Florida along with her family. Being 10, she rushes into singing and performing in music spectacles. Mandy spends 7 years playing as a cheerleader for Pop Warner football. Her affinity for show business considerably grows and she starts taking singing lessons to improve her voice abilities. Mandy's path to real stardom begins when she is declared to be the "National Anthem Girl". She appeals to the critical acclaim with her voice when singing The Star-Spangled Banner for all major sports teams and for Chris Evert's Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament.Mandy also appears in the world of fashion as a model for Mexican teen magazine. All this fame provokes her anxiety - she is concerned that her friends might get jealous behind her back. In fact, however, Mandy gets all of their moral support. During the recording of a song for the TV pilot, she gets an appealing record offer from a famous producer. After getting a pile of suggestions, the young star decides to enter into an agreement with Sony Music. Mandy works pretty hard to brush up her talent. She learns to play the guitar that would give a helpful push to her own song-writing.

Mandy Moore News
Singer and actress Mandy Moore is mad at the statement in America's Details magazine that she is a masked republican.
Pop-star Mandy Moore hinted at her eventual retreat from the show business scene for a certain time, reckoning that at this stage she has got what life would bring her and it's time
that she took her deserved rest.
Singer/actress prepares to record next LP while juggling her many movie projects. 05.04.2005
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