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Matt Damon A graduate from Harvard University, Matt definitely ranks among the most intelligent and charismatic actors of Hollywood. His first public steps in the field of actorship are at numerous Boston-based theatre venues, such as the American Repertory Theatre. Matts affinity to the screen performance incites him to make his feature film debut in 1988 in a small role in the critically acclaimed Mystic Pizza. In Paramounts School Ties (1992).Matt outstandingly conveys the character of a fascist preppy, thus gaining further attention. However, 4 years later comes his most appealing performance so far when he participates in Foxs Courage Under Fire (1996), portraying vividly a guilt-ridden Persian Gulf War soldier tormented by a battle incident. His friendship with colleague Ben Affleck moves to the big screen giving incredible results. In 1998 they win an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the touching drama Good Will Hunting, as well as a Golden Globe Award. Due to his magnificent work in the title role as an oppressed genius whose potential does find an adequate response in inner-city Boston, he also gets an Academy Award and a Golden Globe nomination. The same year Matt makes another remarkable appearance in the World War II drama Saving Private Ryan for Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg. One year later Matt is as appealing as before in the Anthony Minghellas The Talented Mr. Ripley, that also earns him a Golden Globe nomination.  That same year he rejoins pal Ben Affleck in Dogma, a film about a pair of outcast angels. Matts strong social attitude make him join forces with Ben in 1998 to found Pearl Street Productions, today known as LivePlanet, a unique company that creates an innovative kind of entertainment experience, combining traditional media, new media and the physical world, called integrated media. Their initiative gives birth to the project Greenlight, whose aim is to collect original scripts from promising young filmmakers via Internet. Thus, successful movies such as Stolen Summer and The Battle of Shaker Heights appear in pretty a non-standard way. In terms of acting Matt keeps maintaining the good pace in the new century too. Among the great number of projects he takes part in stand out the geopolitical thriller Syriana for director Stephan Gaghan, the boxoffice hit The Bourne Supremacy, and, of course, the hit movies of director Steven Soderbergh: Oceans Eleven and the follow-up Oceans Twelve, co-starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and Julia Roberts.

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Matt Damon,and Robert DeNiro started filming in Tarrytown for the 1950s-era CIA thriller "The Good Shepherd, directed by DeNiro himself. Damon plays one of the early Central Intelligence Agency agents. In the Tarrytown scenes, he takes a woman on a date to the theater. Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie is also in the film but does not take part in the Tarrytown scenes. November 8, 2005

BEN AFFLECK was so paranoid about security at his June (29JUN05) wedding to JENNIFER GARNER, he didn't even invite best friend MATT DAMON. ...
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