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Meg RyanMeg Ryan ranks among the highly paid Hollywood actresses. Her latest performance fees amounts to: $15,000,000. Meg steps on the movie scene in the supporting role in George Cukor's Rich and Famous (1981). Encouraged by her success, the 20-year-old Meg leaves college in order to commit to acting. Her acting career starts in television and in particular - ABC, performing for the after-school special titled Amy and the Angel. Later she plays Betsy Montgomery in the daytime drama As the World Turns. In 1984 Meg quits the soap opera to retreat in Los Angeles to film the short-lived series Wildside. Despite the failure of this short-lived series, she takes the decision to stay and make a bid for movie stardom. Her appearance in Amityville III: The Demon (1983) proves to be fruitful being a significant recommendation for her eligibility for the big screen world. Nevertheless, she is quite wise at selecting the opportunities and takes part in the Tom Cruise co-starring action movie Top Gun (1986). 1989 brings her the first lead role, in the emblematic comic romance: Rob Reiner's: When Harry Met Sally. The comedy hits the charts and becomes one of the most watched movies in America, maybe because of Ryan's now-famous simulated-orgasm scene. In personal aspect, she also lives through a romance, ending up married to the actor Dennis Quaid, whom she meets while filming 1987 sci-fi flick Innerspace. They both shoot again in 1988 noir remake D.O.A. In 1992 they have their first child Jack Henry. The family has to keep the balance between home in Santa Monica and a hundred-acre ranch in Montana. In 1993 Ìåg makes another movie, that boosts the romantic set emotions from the viewers' hearts, in particular, ladies' ones: Sleepless in Seattle. Tom Hanks, co-starring her in the movie, also contributes to the project's success. In 1988 she films in the tragedy Promised Land, that is not very applaudedly met by the critics. In 1991 Meg takes part in the televised version of the life of the The Doors's frontman. There she dresses the skin of Jim Morrison's girlfriend. This movie provokes various echoes: both positive and not that positive. When in 1994 Meg plays an alcohol addict in When a Man Loves a Woman, she proves that the audience prefers seeing the actress in romantic comedies, to dramatic appearances. Not all of her romantic roles, however, prove to be that winning: 1994's I.Q. - where she plays a professor, entrapped by love, turns out to be not appealing enough to the public. Meg also makes her first step in the business direction, after founding her own producers' company 1993: Fandango Films (now Prufrock Pictures). In 1995 she makes her debut as a producer in French Kiss, where she appears in the company of Kevin Kline. 1996 brings her a role in the military movie Courage Under Fire, partnering Denzel Washington and the not that popular at the time: Matt Damon. The next year her voice gives life to the Russian princess Anastasia in the popular homonymous animation. Following is another project targeted at people's hearts, featuring Nicolas Cage in City of Angels. Meg's following triumph is marked by the comedy You Have Mail, co-starring again the unmatched: Tom Hanks. Currently, she works over a project called: Hanging Up based on the story of three sisters's life after the death of their father.

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At the special screening of the controversial new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, whose author is Michael Moore, a galaxy of stars appeared to pay respect to his creative work.Among them are: Actors Martin Sheen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, David Duchovny, Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Chris Rock, Jack Black, Matthew Perry, Diane Lane, Marisa Tomei and Viggo Mortensen . 11 June 2004 Meg Ryan's ex-husband - Dennis Quaid decided to make a marriage proposal to his present girlfriend Kimberly Buffington, whom she met in Austin.This will be the third marriage for Quaid. The star from The Day After Tomorrow is working over a new project called: The Flight of the Phoenix.
9 June 2004
Hollywood favourite: Meg Ryan is pretty willing to film another movie with Tom Hanks. She cherishes the hopes to create a hit, especially after her latest movies: In The Cut and Against The Ropes turned out to be a total failure.
13 May 2004
... directing the movie. Even so, the movie is all about Meg Ryan and Jackie Kallan, boxing’s first female manager. As the smart and ... Eclipse Magazine
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