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Melissa Joan HartMelissa Joan Hart comes into the world on 18th of April, 1976 in Sayville, Long Island, New York, United States of America. Being very young, she is obsessed with the idea to become a glamorous actress. Boasting charm and beauty, she makes it to the television commercials as a beginning. Some time later come her movie appearances, such as her latest project: Can't Hardly Wait. Since 1980 Melissa and her image adorn almost all accessories of our everyday life: beginning from media products: commercials, television, tele-movies, mini-series, films, magazines, newspapers and so forth... In fact, her star career starts when she is 5-year-old recording over 25 commercials in this period - quite an impressing number in her portfolio, especially for this age. Her professional realization requires a slow, gradual way to walk through. Her first TV appearance is in: Saturday Night Live, making totally several of the type for the period: 1985 - 1986. For this short span of time Melissa has been on the Equalizer, made an appearance in Christmas Snow and also in the mini series Kane and Abel. Her movie debut is marked by Crocodile Dundee. Unfortunately, when checking the movie, the editors find it too long and cut some of the moments to match the general requirements. Melissa features in some of these scenes, namely. Till the very end of 1980, she performs in the theatre, having as well roles on Broadway. Her persistence and temerity drive her to the series Clarissa Explains It All. Meanwhile, Melissa takes part in show programs such as: Nick TV shows, with female lead characters, i.e. The Secret World of Alex Mack. Right after the end of the saga: Clarissa Explains It All, she graduates from high school and enrols in University of New York. In film direction, she gets the role of Sabrina in the Showtime movie and performs in Touched By An Angel, as a teenager who has problems with her mother. After the Sabrina The Teenage Witch, that appears to be pretty gloomy in terms of idea and plot, she features in a TV show, based on the movie, which in turn was based by the comic book by Archies comics. Along with this, she appears as a guest in numerous show programs, gives magazine interviews, managing to complete some movie projects such as: Silencing Mary, The Right Connections, Two Came Back, and has done one film appearance, an uncredited role in Can't Hardly Wait.

Melissa Joan Hart News
Melissa Joan Hart, the star from Sabrina The Teenage Witch, has slammed The WB network, where she is a producer. The reason lies in the fact that a slow-down in the relations for renewing the show and the itspromotion implementation during the current season is going on.
Melissa Joan Hart has been panic-stricken. The actress is so afraid of a chemical attack, that she appears to have decided to hide from the Earth's surface. Melissa has set up a fall out shelter in her Hollywood Hills home. So, she is well protected in a case of attack like this.
The actress from Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart, confessed to have spend her teenagerhood believing in the existence of Santa Claus. Testimony to this statement is a picture of her and the bearded old man.
Melissa Joan Hart unveiled her queer habit to run naked wherever. The beauty even stated that she wouldn't mind stripping to the skin for Playboy .
... Mexico with Sarah. Melissa Joan Hart and Dennis Rodman will make cameo appearances on "North Shore." That's all for today. I'll be ...
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