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michael_jackson No doubt, the king of Pop will not leave his the throne soon. The trace he left in the history of popular music is deeper than the one of any other performer so far. And can hardly be encompassed in a single publication. His creation stuff is just enormous! No wonder, given his very early and highly promising start in the music genre. Michael becomes famous for being the focal point in his family musical group - Jackson 5. With his overflowing dancing energy and captivating vocal skills, Michael turns his group into a real sensation. His phenomenal magnetism as a performer helps the group make their first four singles real chart-toppers ("I Want You Back," "ABC," "The Love You Save," and "I'll Be There"). Being that conspicuously talented within a group is certainly a sign for a promising solo career. Thus Michael gradually slips out of the Jacksons to make the public more capable of enjoying his talent. His collaboration with Quincy Jones brings to the market Michael's first solo album as an adult - Off the Wall that is followed in 1982 by the biggest album in pop music history - Thriller that stays on the charts for over two years, selling around 45 million copies worldwide. The album is a true sensation that revolutionizes the pop scene. On the basis of the album singles Michael demonstrates a strikingly innovative style in video clips performance. He is actually the performer to launch the song-length-movie-video-clip style, by making MTV go crazy with rotating the clips and promoting his works as a real masterpiece. As a notable part of his performance, the "moonwalk" is declared the Jacksons signature. Michael reaps the benefits of his productivity at an incredibly fast rate, spawning hit after hit. Jackson's popularity and welfare reach such enormous heights that he could afford to get hold of the rights to the Beatles' catalog. In his following album releases, "Bad" and "Dangerous" Michael keeps up the good pace in making high-quality music and spectacular stage shows, thus deservedly getting the moniker "the King of Pop". His rise to the stardom peak is logically accompanied by great speculations over his personality, most of which related to his childish sentimentality. His passion for the innocence of childhood is related to innumerable initiatives for children in his Neverland Ranch, that gives rise to widely-spreading rumors about his sexual partiality and sends him to court on accusations of molesting children. Those shocking events make him travel far from his music career to enter into two marriages (to Lisa Marie Presley and nurse Debbie Rowe) and have two children - son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. That devotion to personal matters does not prevent him from being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 despite the unsatisfactory success that his recent releases register. His return to the stage spotlight is marked by a massive concert at Madison Square Garden that celebrates the 30th anniversary of his first solo record. Despite the fact that Michael's career has been recently on hold and his name has been related to some scandalous events, there is no way for his fans to stop believing that their idol has left a profound imprint on the pop music scene.

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Michael Jackson has started work and recording "From The Bottom of My Heart", for the victims of Katrina, in London at Metropolis Studios Centre. However, none of the artists that Jackson said would be joining him (eg Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and R. Kelly) were there.

"Two of the jurors in the Michael Jackson child molestation case are said to be writing books. And the New York Daily News reports that the books will say at least three members of the panel first thought Jackson was guilty -- before changing their minds and acquitting the pop star on all charges last June.
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