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Michelle Pfeiffer No doubt, Michelle Pfeiffer is well-known to everybody. The actress with exceptionally deep eyes - brilliant and beautiful, just like her. Her fabulous performance of the catwoman in Batman dominates the viewer's memory for a long time. The gifted actress saw the daylight in Santa Ana, California, near Huntingdon Beach, on the 29th of April, 1958. Her father Richard, was a heating and air-conditioning contractor, and her mother Donna - a housewife, looking after Michelle. A curious fact about Michelle's family is that Dedee, one of her two sisters also had the chance to become an actress. In order to escape the fall-out of post-WW2 depression, her family moved to California from North Dakota and settled in Midway City. Her origin represents a rich blood compilation: Swedish, German, Dutch, Irish and Swiss. She comments this interesting fact like this: "I'm kind of a mutt". Michelle's childhood was not easy-going as its should be because she was often ridiculed by her coevals for having large lips and a duck-like gait. Mockers named her Michelle Mudturtle, to whom she accommodated fast, she even liked it. Michelle became violently defensive, and a bully. Being too big for her age, she often took part in fights with her classmates, competing with the boys. Commenting on this period, she says: "I was a rotten kid,just rotten. If anyone needed anyone beaten up they would come and get me". It was, of course, just a period of time when children do not differ much from each other.. Under her father's advices, she became well-behaved and responsible as regarded work. She even assisted him in his work, cleaning second-hand fridges for re-sale. At 14 she got a job after lying about her age. Michelle switched numerous jobs, working in a kindergarten, in a printer's, and in clothing and jewellery shops, and as a check-out girl for Vons supermarket chain. She was quite quick-witted at school, also preferring to spend lots of time with the surfers on Huntingdon Beach. "I was a beach bunny," - sys Michelle about this period. Some time later, she even tries drugs. Being just 16, Michelle rode her first motor. Having graduated from high school somehow, she enrolled in community college, studying to be a court reporter. It didn't take her much time to get bored with all this and she quitted the college to move to Golden West College to study psychology and to get bored one more time. She dropped out, came back, dropped out again. Her main interests were in the field of psychology, and oil-painting, also paying close attention to drama. Her lecturer Carol Cooney convinced her of her talent availability and she decided to follow the advice and take the acting path. Michelle moved to Hollywood, working at Vons there and doing ads for Ford motors and Lux soap. She was a candidate for one of Charlie's Angels roles, but failed to take it. Her movie debut is Fantasy Island, where she plays a blunt blonde. Her main problem is that her character from Pretty Dumb Blonde begins to act against her - she was only offered roles like that. It was all quite suppressing for her. Each time she had to play a half-dressed sexy doll. The following months she managed to play a small role in Earl Holliman-starring The Solitary Man, and then played Susannah York in flashback in Falling In Love Again. ╠etaphysics and demanding vegetarianism helped her get rid of the negative impact of drugs and alcohol. She no longer drank, smoked or did drugs. It was all quite effective for her. The success was about to strike her. The class, she studied in, was visited by the director Peter Horton. Initially, he had no any specific opinion of her and her talent, but the moment came for him to realize delusion. They began dating and he decided to help her. This way, owing to her bed experience with the director, the great actress made her first big movie appearance in Split Image. Later she shoots: Splendour In The Grass, followed by Grease 2 in 1981. Then her role in Stephanie Zinone came - leader of a gang of bikers' molls called the Pink Ladies who embarked on a will-they won't-they relationship with Brit new boy Maxwell Caulfield. She sang and danced and was pretty good at doing so. But all this fairy-tale turned into a failure which was about to ruin the actress's life. The newspapers featured large posters with Michelle and Maxwell (the movie director) and yelled "TOO HOT!!". All this blocks her movie career for a year, with the exception of the F. Scott Fitzgerald video, where she proclaimed the destroying effect of drugs and alcohol. Afterwards, however, she was happy again playing in : Elvira as the coke-addled, ice queen girlfriend of drug-lord Tony Montana in Brian De Palma's Scarface - co-starring the incredible Al Pacino. The movie is brutal, but acclaimed by the public. Unfortunately, Michelle Pfeiffer's success was still yet to come. She kept on with her acting study under the guidance of Peggy Feury and some time later she shot The Night, a slapstick comedy-thriller by John Landis. Following was the mediaeval romance Ladyhawke - where Rutger Hauer and she played an enchanted couple doomed to never be together. Her next appearance was in Alan Alda's Sweet Liberty, also playing a part in the crazy: The Witches Of Eastwick, partnering the great: Jack Nicholson and Susan Sarandon, as well as the singer Cher. Michelle embarked on taking a course in mediaeval philosophy at UCLA. Meanwhile, she played on TV Natica Jackson, a famous but lonely 30's actress who fell for a married chemist. Then the time came for her talent and movie parts to be noticed and she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Positive complement to her movie biography is her unique performance in the immaculate Dangerous Liaisons, partnering Glenn Close and John Malkovich. Following was Tequila Sunrise, co-starring the unmatched Mel Gibson. Michelle's roles were getting more and more serious - a perfect chance for her to demonstrate her brilliant gift to convey the depth and breath of characters. She took part in: spy thriller The Russia House, and was in consequence Oscar nominated but the award was given to Jodie Foster for Silence Of The Lambs. A curious fact is that she was engaged to play in Evita, but after a 4-month work over the project she abandoned it at reaching the conclusion that it was not worth the efforts. Numerous movies featuring her came into reality, bringing her prestigious recognitions, nominations and awards. Then her glamorous catwoman performance appeared, shooting her to the world of sex symbols, provoking men's fantasies, because of her tight black costume, perfectly outlining her exquisite shapes. Some time later came the moving drama Dangerous Minds, where she was pregnant. In August, 1994, John Henry Kelley was born. Following was One Fine Day, a romantic comedy, as well as the hard strife of the star to provide her children with a normal and stable environment to grow up. Acting as a producer in One Fine Day, she decides to do the same in A Thousand Acres. Then The Story Of Us came, co-starring Bruce Willis. Michelle made a step in another genre: horror. In What Lies Beneath she partners Harrison Ford, who, in turn, is also challenged by a new move - to play his first negative role. Then I Am Sam co-star Sean Penn, and White Oleander came. Presently, Michelle is leading a tranquil and settled life. She takes her children on set with her, finishing work early to ensure she can make their dinner. But there is one thing about her that can never be erased: She is, quite simply, magnificent.

Michelle Pfeiffer News
Michelle Pfeiffer is negotiating the set of a new project, a remake of an existing movie from 1957 - Agatha Christie's Witness For The Prosecution. The actress will play Christine Helm Vole in the drama. Director David E. Kelley, who is presently married to Michelle, makes the screenplay adaptation for the film, which has been welcomed by Christie's family.30 March 2004
Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears, Michelle Pfeiffer, Russell Simmons, Harvey Weinstein and Jerry Seinfeld are facing boycotts for their stance against guns.
David E. Kelley - the author of the unique TV series Ally McBeal obviously knows why the series has so many fans. Even his wife - Michelle Pfeiffer is hooked.
Brad Pitt has lost out to a cartoon hound in his first animated feature, because the viewers who test the movies before their release on the big screen preferred canine to the movie hunk's sea-faring hero . The movie is Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and Brad Pitt contributes to the movie charm by giving his voice to Sinbad, and actresses: Michelle Pfeiffer, Catherine Zeta-Jones have reinvigorated the female characters in the project.
Actress Michelle Pfeiffer and writer-producer David E. Kelley are planning to put their Brentwood compound on the market at $49 million now that school is out ... Miami Herald (subscription), FL - Jun 27, 2004
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