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Milla JovovichHer full name is Milla Natasha Jovovich. She sees the light of the day in Kiev, Ukraine, on December 17, 1975. Milla spends her early childhood in London, where her father studies, and Russia, where Gallina Loginova lives. Some time later, her family moves to California, where MIlla undergoes all the hardships of the accommodation to the American lifestyle. She dives into the acting career at just 9, and into the modeling one - two years later. Her first cover appearance pertains to the Italian fashion magazine Lei. Some time later, the fabulous Ukrainian is ranked among the most desired models and she soon makes it to the covers of 15 fashion magazines, combining work with studies. The first movie, featuring MIlla in 1988, is called: Two Moon Junction, followed by: The Night Train to Kathmandu. She blazes through the fashion world, but also manages to impress critics with her play and the way she dominates the stage - manifesting abundant life experience - too rich for her tender age. She presents Calvin Klein, Escape, and dozens of other high profile ads, ant can be seen in most popular beauty editions. In harmony with her acting play, Mila keeps on amazing screenwriters and directors with her talent and acting presence. In 1991 come Return to Blue Lagoon and Kuffs, and a year later she takes part in Chaplin. Being just 16, she marries the 21 - year-old actor Shawn Andrews, who she meets on the shooting stage of Dazed and Confused in 1993. Obviously, the cinema and fashion world challenges prove to be insufficient for the talented Ukrainian and she takes the plunge into the music world with the album: The Divine Comedy. By comparison with the music attempts of other stars, pertaining to the other art spheres, hers is critically acclaimed. Fifth Element, co-star Bruce Willis is shot some time later. The fantastic movie manages to attract numerous fans. In 1998, she partners Denzel Washington in Got Game, and one year later Milla appears in the horror movie: The Boat House. Following is the insane The Million Dollar Hotel, co-starring Mel Gibson, and Kingdom Come. Presently, Mila plans to get back to high school in order to complete her study and take exams in math, chemistry, and physics. Regarding this she comments: All the things I was bored with in high school. I didn't understand the importance of math then, which is stupid. It provides the building blocks of reality.

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Black star Denzel Washington is embarrassed with his new reputation as a flirter, who manages to date beauties from the different projects, he takes part in. It's all right, but they are all white. In his words, this is far away from the reality itself. He comments: Next, when I was working with Julia Roberts on The Pelican Brief, the tabloids reported that I refused to kiss her. I was never supposed to kiss her. It was never in the script. Look at He Got Game - me and Milla Jovovich. The bottom line is that I haven't been offered a lot of sex scenes."
Fantastic horror Resident Evil's star - Milla Jovovich has adopted a winning knack for getting the roles she wants: she just refuses to leave the audition hall. Concerning this she says: "When I go on auditions, I never let them kick me out after one reading. Especially when they want me to leave, I stay, just to make sure that what they have on tape is me doing the best I can do. If I see that they think I'm not really right for the part, I say, 'Look, I wanna do that one more time.' Finally, I'm in a position where I can do that."
Milla Jovovich urges teen models' parents to take the time of pondering before sending their daughters to catwalk, because it's a lawless and terrible world. Milla, herself, began her career as a model and has passed through this strenuous experience.
... Directed by Alexander Witt and written by Anderson, "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" features the return of Milla Jovovich as Alice, a woman who joins forces with a ... MTV
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