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Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman sees the light of the day on June 9th 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel. She boasts a pretty curious childhood under a name differing from Portman. Debuting on the big screen, she carries the name of her grandmother, in order to avoid any interference in her private and school life. Her father was a doctor - specializing in fertility. He repeatedly comes back home sharing how many women he has helped to get pregnant during the work day and later her daughter narrates his "unique" stories at school. Her mother Shelley, from Ohio, later becomes an agent of the actress. The family lives in Jerusalem until Natalie is three, afterwards moving to Washington for four years. Two years in Connecticut follow before its settling in Long Island, where she'd attend Syosset High School. Till this moment, Natalie has a comparingly rich acting experience. At 4 she dances (under the effect of the emblematic: Dirty Dancing). In her acting initiatives she has, of course, the support of her parents. Natalie is a vegetarian. It is due to the fact that she attends a conference with her father where a dissection of a chicken is showcased. This outrageous act triggers her enthusiasm. Being just 11, she works as a Revlon model scout in Mario's pizza joint in Long Island. At first, she does not desire to be a model, but this is a way for the French director Luc Besson to catch her magnetism and eligibility for her role in Leon. She makes a brilliant role, which appeals to the attention of Hollywood directors and producers. Her following project is Little Women, followed by Michael Mann's Heat, co-starring the unmatched: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Natalie also takes part in Beautiful Girls - in concert with Tim Hutton. Some time later she manages to pick up the needed velocity to be a match for the masterpieces of Woody Allen, taking part in his: Everyone Says I Love You. Her partners are: Alan Alda and Goldie Hawn. Her first appearance in a fantastic movie is in Mars Attacks, where a whole galaxy of actors (such as Jack Nicholson ) fights with millions of insidious Martians. Natalie is just 16, leaving behind her back a solid and respectable portfolio of roles. However, she takes into consideration the movies she would appear in. In her words, she would never appear in horrors and "Jennifer Love Hewitt-type" film. Natalie rejects the offer to play Juliet in Romeo And Juliet - because of her age difference with Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as because of some of the scenes with him. She is resolute in her refusal to take play in Lolita, as well. In her opinion, many young actors are ready to be sexually exploited (in movie scenes), just to gain any popularity. Natalie graduates from High School with honours in 1999. But this is also the year, when she plays one of her most memorable roles: the queen character in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. According to the movie's team of directors and producers, Natalie was extremely suitable for the role of Amidala - she bore some resemblance with the actress who played princess Leia in the last episodes of the fantastic saga. All her features: graceful carriage, radiance were in her favour. After this movie, her greatest challenges comes: the role in Anywhere But Here, co-starring the extraordinary Susan Sarandon. Where The Heart Is the following project, where Nat plays a pregnant teenager. After all these winning movies, appealing to both the audience and critics, she has the world in her hands. 2000 is the year when she goes to Harvard to study psychology. During her study she fails to appear in any movies, but the episodes of Star Wars, that are preliminary negotiated. Following is, of course: Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack Of The Clones that makes the Natalie's face familiar throughout the whole world. The third episode of the series will sustain her stardom for years ahead.

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The mother of the beauty who played queen Amidala in Star Wars, Natalie Portman, called the police - fearing a man innocently reading a book on the sidewalk outside was a deranged stalker. The stunning 23-year-old who shot to fame as a child in hitman drama Leon - is fearful of becoming the target of obsessed fans so when her mother Shelly spotted student Antwone LeGarde outside her property, she immediately called in the local law enforcement.
17 June 2004
Natalie Portman is free again after separating from her boyfriend: Gael Garcia Bernal. They both got to know at a party on the occasion of the Oscar ceremony in 2003. 18 May 2004
It was released that British actor Jude Law was getting more and more closer in his relations with Natalie Portman, who partners him in Closer. At the shooting stage, witnesses say, the atmosphere around them was sparkling.
11 March 2004
Natalie Portman and Mexican hunk Gael Garcia Bernal enjoyed a romantic candle-lit dinner on Saint Valentine's day. 26 February 2004
While in town to promote his directorial debut Garden State, Zach Braff and his co-star Natalie Portman talked to about their new movie together ... - Jul 6, 2004
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