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Natasha HenstridgeBorn on August 15th, 1974 in Springdale, Newfoundland Canada, Natasha grows up in Ft. McMurry, Alberta. Her father is a contractor, and her mother - a housewoman. She is almost 13, when earning the first runner-up prize in the Casablanca Modeling Agency's worldwide "Look of the Year" contest. At 14, having the approval of her parents, she leaves home in order to dive into her modelling career in New York and Paris. At 15, Natasha is already on the pages of French Cosmopolitan.A great number of covers and fashion magazines, adorned by her beautiful face and body, follow. Later, she features the advertising campaigns of products such as: Old Spice, Oil of Olay and Lady Stetson. Just like the majority of models, who transform into actresses, Henstridge gets sick and tired of just being a beautiful face on a cover. A face that would be replaced by another one in a time and sent into oblivion. All that encourages her to work hard and get the most of her life opportunities. Natash turns out to be right. The movie Species wins 100 million at the box office. The movies featuring her are: Maximum Risk, Adrenalin and Standoff, that are not very memorable, unfortunately. In 1998 she turns back to the big screen in the follow-up to Species. Following are: Bela Donna, Dog Park, Kill You Twice and It Had to Be You that take a great deal of her time and complement her filmography. In The Whole Nine Yards, she co-stars Bruce Willis, as the movie turns out to be a true masterpiece in the comic genre, fostered by the fresh appearance of the comic actor Matthew Perry. Natasha's next movie challenge is the comedy Bounce featuring Ben Affleck/Gywneth Paltrow. The fantastic movies, featuring her are Ghosts of Mars, followed by: Second Skin, Kevin of North, The Judith Exner Story, Riders and the TV movie Beauty and Power. Some time later, she gives birth to a healthy boy: October 14, 1998. The blessed father is the actor Liam Waite, a fiance of the star over the last several years and a partner in the movies: Ghosts of Mars and Second Skin. They both got acquainted at a blind date with one of the actor's friends. The happy couple is not in a great haste to enter into a marriage, because they both feel completely satisfied, not needing anything else for the moment. Natasha has already been married to the actor Damien Chapa in 1996.

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The long-awaited follow-up to the gangster's comedy The Whole Ten Yards featuring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry has been released. The movie also features the fabulous Natasha Henstridge.
... assassin. Their fates became entangled - Oz has wed Jimmy's wife, Cynthia (Natasha Henstridge), while Jill is married to Jimmy. ... The Age, Australia
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