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Neve CampbellNeve Adrianne Campbell was born on 3 October 1973 in Canada. Her career as a ballet dancer began when she was only 6 years.
At the age of 9, Neve started to practice for the National Ballet School. It was around that time that she was given her first role in the Phantom of the Opera, which was staged at Pantages Theater.
There she met Jeff Colt who worked as a bartender at the theatre. Soon they married and moved to London. Neve then appeared in the movie The Canterville Ghost. In 1997 Neve and Jeff announced their break-up. Prior to her biggest success on the screen, Neve starred in films such as Nutcraker and Sleeping Beauty, while her stardom came with the movies Paint Cans, Web of Deceit, The Dark and Baree and The Craft Neve made the headlines and reached cinematic success with her first two real box-office hits . With the latter Neve impressed the audience and the connoisseurs of the cinematographic art. Several months later, she was given a role in Scream, which subsequently won the MTV's 1997 Best of the Year award. Quite naturally, Neve starred also in Scream’s successors – Scream 2 and Scream 3.When Scream 2 was launched, she was poised to become the next poster child for Young Hollywood . Major roles such as those in Three to Tango and Wild Things followed. As of now, Neve is working on the TV show Party of Five.
This young actress has seen it all; she appeared on top tv shows such as The Tonight Show and is featured on major headlines in publications throughout the world.

Neve Campbell News
The famous actress Neve Campbell refused to attend the premiere of her latest movie When Will I Be Loved in Toronto, Canada, because she didn't want to sit beside her father and watch the scenes in which she is naked.
- 9 September 2004
After an eleven-year absence Neve Campbell has returned to the stage.
- 29 June 2004
The plans for a new Scream movie collapsed after Neve Campbell refused to star in it.
... Neve Campbell turns vixenish in new movie .. - September 9, 2004
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