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Nicole Kidman Nicole Mary Kidman was born on 20 June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, at a time when her father, who was a biochemist, worked there. At the age of 4, her family moved to Australia. Although now Nicole is a universally acknowledged beauty, when she was a little kid she had a disproportionate body. It didn't prevent her from studying drama at the Philip Street Theater in Sydney, though. She was first spotted by Jane Campion, the future head of the theatre. Nicole made her debut in the Australian film Bush Christmas in 1983. In the meantime she quit high school so that she could spend more time acting and practising. In 1989 Nicole starred in Dead Calm, which made her famous. The movie Days of Thunder changed her life. Nicole met Tom Cruise whom she married in 1990. And although films such as Billy Bathgate, Far and Away, My Life, and Malice didn't run that well, her fame grew steadily. In 1995 she starred in To Die For, which placed Nicole among the elite of Hollywood's hottest commodities. With Batman Forever she won many men's hearts. A major role in The Portrait of a Lady followed, as well as central roles in The Peacemaker and in the romantic comedy Practical Magic. Nicole partnered with Tom Cruise in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. For The Blue Room, staged on Broadway, Nicole won the Theatre World Award. Having been married for 10 years, Nicole and Tom parted in 2001.

Nicole Kidman News
The Oscar award winner Nicole Kidman tops the chart of the richest women below the age of 40. The third place is shared by the top model Elle Macpherson and the pop beauty Kylie Minogue, each of them possessing $42 million. - 17 September 2004
Actress Nicole Kidman is the latest in the list of beautiful women to give in to the charm of the Italian Formula 1 boss Flavio Briatore. Tom Cruise's ex-wife let rumours begin when she was seen going out to dinner with Briatore.
- 8 September 2004
Tom Cruise is flattered by the fact that many people think of him and of his ex-wife Nicole Kidman as a good couple, although he refuses to reunite with her. The two broke up at the end 2000 and divorced in August 2001.
- 9 August 2004
... Hollywood star Nicole Kidman has been named as Australia's 'richest young woman', according to BRW magazine's young rich list .. - September 16, 2004
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