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oprah_winfrey Oprah was born on 29th of January 1954 in Kosciusko Mississippi. Her real name is Winfrey. She grows up as a pretty smart child, making her first reading attempts when being two years and a half old. Her unmarried parents separate when she is pretty young and Oprah is consequently sent to live with her grandmother. Young Oprah gets her first pair of shoes at 6. Some time later she moves to Milwaukee to join her mother, which turns her life upside down. The man's half of her family often abuses her innocence after she becomes 9, which never leaves the dark archives of her memory. Turning 14, Winfrey goes to live with her father in Nashville, Tennessee. where she gives birth to a child the same year. The baby comes to the world ahead of schedule and dies 2 weeks later. Winfrey confides in her father about her addiction to drugs in the recent years. Due to his assistance, the future star's life takes a new direction. He dedicates to teaching her how to succeed in life and these are her first lessons on her way to the stardom peak. Thus, she manages to win scholarship for the Tennessee State University. During her study, she works as a radio host in WVOL in Nashville and after obtaining BA in Speech and Performing Arts, she becomes a reporter for the TV; Nashville's first female and first black TV-news anchor. 1972's Miss Black Tennessee marks a great progress in the time span between 1976 and 1983. At that time she lives in Baltimore, Maryland and works as a news reporter, reaching the position of a host of the popular show People Are Talking on WJZ-TV. In September 85, Winfrey makes the hit show The Oprah Winfrey Show. It grows as something more than a show in 1987, winning three Daytime Emmys. In 1998 Oprah gets Lifetime Achievement award.

Oprah Winfrey News

Hollywood stars, featuring Billy Crystal, Oprah Winfrey, paid their tribute to the late TV star Johnny Carson
Some fans of Oprah Winfrey were shocked by her new physical outlines. It was hard for them to believe that she did not undergo plastic surgery in order to achieve this remarkable success. Her boyfriend Gayle King asserts, that this is a reality-based miracle that happened due to strong will and persistence.

Super-rich star Oprah Winfrey is set to spend a month in a slum.
The chat show star, who ranks as one of the world's richest women with earnings of almost ?200million-a-year, is ditching her celebrity lifestyle to spend a month in a run-down Chicago apartment in one of the city's poorest neighbourhoods.
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