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Pamela Anderson Pamela Denise Anderson saw the daylight for the first time in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on July 1st, 1967. Her charm is noticed quite early when a photographer takes a picture of her by chance while she is in the group of 100 children who have cuddled around a library, listening to a story-teller The picture is propagated throughout all libraries in the state of British Columbia and gradually turns into a symbol of their influence. Pamela's teen years pass without any traces of fireworks and fame, she lives the pretty normal life of a teenager girl. She represents the type of bracket-bearing girls, who are in love with the volleyball and sax-playing. In 1989, she makes her great breakthrough, when lightening up the public, appearing in a Labatt beer T-shirt during the breaks of a professional football game in Vancouver.“This appearance of hers gives rise to such an infectious effect on the public, that Labatt invite her to be a face of their ad campaigns. Thus, Pamela turns into the company's "Blue Zone" girl and her pictures become decorating the walls of all bars, discos and restaurants throughout Canada. Some time later, she appears on the pages of Playboy. This delicate photo session is followed by a series of TV appearances. She gets a small role in the series Married... With Children, Home Improvement. Her role in Home Improvement namely helps her take the following memorable role in Baywatch. Pamela also takes part in some movies such as: The Taking of Beverly Hills, Snapdragon, Raw Justice, and The Evolution of Mr. E... Her fame explosion, however, comes when she begins getting involved in a love affair with Motley Crue's drummer, Tommy Lee, who she enters a marriage with. She takes this curious decision with top speed and begins occupying more space on yellow pages. Before getting into a marriage, they date 4 days only. Another eccentric thing about their marriage is the exchange of tattoos with each other's name, instead of the traditional wedding rings. The most scandalous fact about their mutual relations is the stolen in 1995 video cassette, containing several sexual intercourses between them both in a domestic atmosphere. The scandal bursts when this recording appears in the worldwide web. Just a year after the birth of their first child Brandon Pamela requests a divorce. Despite this, they keep on dating and make their second child Dylan come into the world just a year later. In 1998, Pamela takes part in the successful show V.I.P., as both an actress and producer. She provokes another sensation getting infected with hepatitis C. In her defense she says that the dangerous infection stemmed form using the tattoo needle of Tommy Lee. In June 2002, her show V.I.P is interrupted after 4 seasons. In 2003 Pamela Anderson takes part in Scary Movie.

Pamela Anderson News
Rumors are spreading around that busty beauty Pamela Anderson stayed at Stephen Dorff' house and entered into a secret marriage with him. Baywatch's star was noticed to leave the house of Blade's hunk, wearing the clothes from the previous day.
Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson is embarrassed by her children when dating, that's why does it beyond their knowledge, which makes her feel "dirty". The pretty famous blondie, who has two sons -Dylan and Brandon- from her long-running relationship with Tommy Lee, now enjoys the company of a man after a long period of loneliness.
Actress Pamela Anderson apparently restored the relationship with her ex-lover Kid Rock. “They were caught by cameras while having a feast in a New York's restaurant.
'Baywatch' babe Pamela Anderson has revealed that she got her breast implants again after she missed them too much on having them removed.
... London, Jan 15
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