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Paris HiltonParis Hilton, the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, Hilton hotels' founder, was born on February 11th, 1981. She has been living in substantial welfare since the day of her birth: her grandfather's inheritance amounts to US$300 million. He is the first husband of Elizabeth Taylor. Paris kicks off building her model image in 2000. She appears in shows of Marc Bouwer and Catherine Malandrino. Magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair and FHM hire her for photo sessions. In concert with her sister she is the most often appearing face in People magazine. Paris gains paparazzi popularity in 2000 for her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. She has a several-month engagement with Edward Furlong. After their break-up she dates the boxer Oscar de la Hoya. The spoilt sisters Hilton also draw the paparazzi attention on account of their rudeness. T-shirts under the headings: "Got Blow?","sucks", "people are mean." get into the focus of tabloids as well. Perhaps in an effort to clean up her image, Paris has tried to make her mark by working on more substantial projects . The following year 2001 Paris marks a series of creative initiatives. She begins working over projects, takes part in Ben Stiller's comedy Zoolander, followed by appearances in QIK2JDG, The Hillz (along with her current boyfriend Jason Shaw). In collaboration with her sister, Paris projects a handbag collection for Tokyo label Samantha Thavasa. She is also interested in charity, organizing events, such as Toys for Tots. Regretfully, her ambition to create a modeling agency in partnership with her sister does not turn into reality.

Paris Hilton News
Comic actress Ellen DeGeneres, inspired by the red keel she saw in Paris Hilton's house, decided to get dressed in relevant harmony with it for the Emmy Awards. 15 September 2004
At an interview for the national TV Paris Hilton was terrified by the questions, regarding her colourful personal life. She was most indignant at the Internet release of a short film, showing a sex scene between her and her lover Rick Salomon 3 September 2004
Paris Hilton underwent a failure in her relationship with the Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. Before long, she was noticed in Mansion Club in the company of Simon Rex, where they spent a night together. 1 September 2004
... Monica Lewinsky might no longer be a Whitehouse intern but Paris Hilton could soon enter the hallowed portals of America's seat of power .. - SEPTEMBER 17, 2004
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