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Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz was born in Madrid, Spain. Since early childhood she's been charming the audience starring in various TV commercials. She's also practised classical ballet for nine years at Spain's National Conservatory. Cruz was 15 when she showed up at an audition, which eventually changed her whole life. Penelope starred in several Spanish TV shows, which helped her become a movie star. Cruz made her debut on the screen in 1991 in the film The Greek Labyrinth, and, in 1992, she starred in a TV film by Timothy Dalton called Framed. Her third movie Belle Epoque won Penelope an Oscar as well as its Spanish equivalent – Goyas. From then on, she's been starring in three or four films a year, and has become Spanish cinema's leading actress. In 1997 Penelope starred in Pedro Almodovar's Live Flesh as well as in Abre los ojos, which was very successful in Spain winning no less than 8 Goyas. In 1998 Cruz won the Goya award for Best Actress for the film Niîa de tus ojos. Having appeared in several English-language films, Penelope starred in Almodîvar's much acclaimed hit All About My Mother in 1999, which made her one of the most sought-for actresses on both sides of the Atlantic. A role in the American comedy Woman on Top followed in 2000. In 2001 Cruz partnered with Johnny Depp in the drama Blow.
Penelope supports a organization called the Sabera Foundation.Tthey have set up a home, a school and a clinic for homeless girls and people suffering from tuberculosis in Calcutta . Two documentary programs have already been made for Spanish TV on this project and one is being prepared in English for the US market

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In January Penelope Cruz parted with superstar Tom Cruise, who, having divorced Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, is looking for a third wife… June 2004 The beautiful Penelope Cruz, who recently broke up with Tom Cruise, is now enjoying the company of the actor Matthew McConaughey. The rumour has it that Penelope and Matthew are already engaged...17 June 2004
Penelope Cruz is trying to win Tom Cruise back with a series of emotional phone calls after their break-up in January 2004..18 May 2004 .
Hollywood actress Charlize Theron is all set to do another lesbian act, after her Oscar winning performance in 'Monster' and this time it is with Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz, in their latest flick 'Head In The Clouds'.****....
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