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Kate WinslatePeta Gia Wilson was born on November 18 1970 in Sydney, Australia, where she spent her childhood. She was raised in Papau, New Guinea. While in New Guinea, she caught a nine-month case of malaria in 1975. Seven years later, her parents divorced. She was the youngest player in the national basketball team. After spending a couple of years in Europe as a model, in 1991 she moved to Los Angeles where she met her future boyfriend Damian Harris. Her impressive body owes to the times when Peta worked as a mannequin. After taking acting lessons from Arthur Mendozą, Peta Wilson made her movie debut in Fool for Love, and then took part in Sadness of Sex and Naked Jane, both released in 1995. In 1997 Peta was given the central role in the TV serial Nikita, where she plays a young beautiful woman forced to become a spy and a cold-blooded assassin. After the serial ended many fans of hers from around the world sent her letters, which eventually led to the making of eight more episodes. In her leisure time Peta swims, plays cricket, practices skin-diving, but also takes interest in alternative medicine, yoga and acupuncture.
If the name Peta Wilson doesn't ring a bell, that means you've probably missed out on one of the more entertaining and addictive shows on television, La Femme Nikita , it is story about a beautiful woman forced to become a spy and cold-blooded killer.

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In 2002 Peta was given the central role in the 20th Century Fox movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in which she partners with Sean Connery.
The Australian bad boy of the US cinema Russell Crowe made his fiancee Danielle Spencer very angry when he invited to their engagement party a string of his ex-lovers including Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone, Erica Baxter and… Peta Wilson!
Peta Wilson as Laura Brown: I'm not sure if I'd include both the Countessa and Laura Brown (or even Sharon Carter) in the same movie. Laura might be a far more interesting character to use given that her father is a HYDRA bigwig and she switches sides to S.H.I.E.L.D. I'd believe the star of TV's La Femme Nikita in the role of this good/bad girl..., August 24, 2004
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