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Phil Collins Phil Collins was born 55 years ago in Chiswick, London, England and at the age of five he is already shows affinity to music. His first bands are The Real Thing and the The Freehold, and the band that he manages to record an album with is Hickory. His real success comes with Surreys band Genesis. Being a natural performer with multi-lateral makings (drums, song-writing and arrangement), Phil helps Genesis become one of the leading lights in the Progressive rock field. The moment when Phil replaces Peter Gabriel as the lead singer, gives a great impetus to his solo career. His individuality as a performer stands out more and more discernibly and he releases very successful solo albums, Face Value and "Hello I Must Be Going, while still being the main group member. Running two parallel music careers does not appear to be a big deal for Phil as he wins a Grammy for the song "Against all Odds" and launches a chart-topping album on both sides of the Atlantic with 'No Jacket Required'. His consecution of successes continues with 'Invisible Touch' (1986) followed by a massive world tour, and "But Seriously", including Collins biggest hit so far - "Another Day in Paradise". Phils passion for creative development incites him to record duets with Earth Wind and Fire's Phil Bailey for the "Easy Lover" and Marilyn Martin for "Separate Lives, both chart-toppers. Phil is Genesiss lead singer when the band releases their greatest album - 'We Can't Dance', sold in 15 million copies worldwide and followed by one of the most majestic live act of all times. The incredible balance between solo and group career that Phil sustains through the years is broken in 1996 when he quits the group after 26 years of dedicated and extremely fruitful work. Phil then devotes all of his time and resources to his flourishing solo career and releases "Dance into the Light, the odd soundtrack, and, of course, 'Best Of' (1998). His recent works are more on the jazzy side of music, where Phil is free to express his endless energy and multiple music makings. Then come one after another awards that acknowledge his talent as a performer. The song "You'll be in my Heart" from Disneys project Tarzan, deservedly earns him a prestigious Oscar award.

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Rumors have it that pop-rock star Phil Collins is dating the US TV newsreader Dana Tyler. The two fell for each other when Tyler interviewed 55-year-old Collins two months ago at the opening of the TARZAN musical on Broadway, New York. Collins is now in the process of moving to USA from Geneva, Switzerland, where he has been residing after the divorce with his third wife Orianne.

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Phil Collins, the powerful and universally recognizable singer, announces dates for 'The First Final Farewell Tour 2005'. His record ...
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