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Rachel StevensRachel Stevens was born 26 years ago. At 5 she begins studying drama. Ten years later the young beauty resists convincingly the rivalry of 4999 competitors at a beauty contest patronized by the Just 17 magazine. Before long Rachel starts concentrating all of her creative talent on music, after passing through the London School of Fashion. This is how a new British group appears, comprised of 7 members: Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Spearritt, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Jo O'Meara, Tina Barrett and Rachel herself. The music team is named S Club 7, whose manager is Polydor Records, that markets it successfully on the UK pop market. Stardom is not late to overtake the band. With the debut album "Bring It All Back" S Club 7 reaches the top position in UK charts in June of 1999. The homonymous "S Club Party" becomes number two in September the same year. Stevens, being the hottest member of the group, logically gets the greatest attention. A very favourable fact for the band is that in 2000 Interscope Records empowers it to make album releases in America, as well. This advancing move is followed by the smash hits: "Don't Stop Movin'" and "Never Had a Dream Come True." Despite the rumours that three of the band members were cached for marijuana possession, the series of successes is not interrupted, the group keeps on ascending to the stardom heights. In 2000 FHM votes that Stevens holds the second position in the ranking of the sexiest singers after Jennifer Lopez. This has a big impact on Stevens the following year. Despite the band is torn apart by internal problems, she keeps on selling her songs, reaching 13 million sold units. A great number of records is made. However, the show S Club in Hollywood lacks the success of the previous ones. Paul Cattermole leaves the band which is renamed to S Club, in 2003 the movie S Club Seeing Double is shot. After their tour in UK in 2003 S Club decide to break up. Stevens embarks on her solo career. Meanwhile, she appears in the movie Suzie Gold. Presently, to the regret of her greatest male fans, she is not free. Her heart is occupied by Edwards. Polydor readily takes this incomparable talent under its

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S CLUB's ex - star RACHEL STEVENS will be named to the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the singer who had the biggest number of concerts at different venues for a single day. 09/09/2004
Despite her charm, the ex-singer of S CLUB RACHEL STEVENS had to suspend a concert. Only 500 out of 4,500 tickets were sold. 25/08/2004
Ex-singer from S CLUB RACHEL STEVENS enjoys a solo career after the band's break-up in 2003. Her singles are being sold successfully and her first album was re-released in July 2004. 10/08/2004
... Rachel Stevens might be seeing Gavin Dein, but she has no objections to romancing The Streets' Mike Skinner either . .. - London | September 20, 2004
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