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Robbie Williams It's hard to qualify Robbie Williams in any way, because he just does not fit in any category. Maybe this is the reason he hates fame. Being a celebrity puts you into the focus of spotlight, thus becoming an object of all types of qualifications. And Robbie never stops showing his irony as to how the media is overdoing in its struggle to make the most of the showbusiness, by chasing celebrities and turning their lives into ceaseless public affairs. Nevertheless, the former member of the British teen pop group Take That is currently one of the biggest pop stars in the UK and Europe. Probably, by breaking the mole in spotlight behavior, he has just appeared to be more appealing to the public attention. After leaving Take That in 1995 due to conceptual incompatibility with the band's management, Robbie takes the plunge into a solo career, debuting with a smash cover version of George Michael's "Freedom." His first album Life Thru A Lens (1997) spawns hits as "Old Before I Die" and the Christmas single "Angels." The latter single turns the debut album into a chart-topper half a year after its official release. Robbie's subsequent albums - "Millennium" (1998) and "I've Been Expecting You" are just doomed to straight success. With the compilation of tracks from those two albums dubbed "The Ego Has Landed" Robbie tries to break into the American market, but remains a much bigger star at home. His following release "Sing When You're Winning" (2000) is another brilliant UK album, followed by the equally successful "Swing When You're Winning", featuring his prominent duet with Nicole Kidman on "Something Stupid". 2002's Escapology and 2003's Live At Knebworth continue Williams' success. In personal life Williams goes through romantic links to a bunch of widely-famous cuties: former model and actress Rachel Hunter and The Corrs member, Andrea Corr. He even scores an engagement to ex-All Saints member Nicole Appleton. Williams' contribution to the UK music is rewarded with an entry into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004. Apart from the dazzling career and intriguing intimate life, Robbie is involved in a great deal of publicly useful activities such as being an activist for UNICEF.

Robbie Williams News

Due to previous commercial failure of his music projects on the US market, UK pop star Robbie Williams will not release his new album, INTENSIVE CARE in the USA. In his words, an album of his will be present in an LA record store only on the occasion that he personally places it there! September 02, 2005!

It was reported that Robbie Williams’ comeback gig would take place on October 9 in Berlin’s Velodrom, Germany. The event will mark the release of the star's latest album ‘Intensive Care’. It will be shown on special live big screens in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast and Dublin. The much talked-about first single from the album called ‘Tripping’ will be released on October 3, while the album itself will hit the music stores on October 24. September 09, 2005

The vest has invaded both catwalk and party circuit and has been spotted on Mariah Carey, Nicole Richie, Colin Farrell and Robbie Williams to name but a few.
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