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Robin Williams The multi-award-winning actor first saw the daylight of the day in Chicago, Illinois on July 21rst, 1952, coming with the mission to contribute a lot the variety of cinema world, as we can now judge from the point of view of today. Robin has always carried acting in his blood and it comes as no surprise to anybody that he chooses acting for his professional vocation as well. He devotes the majority of his time to big screen performances but is very impressive on the TV one too, as well as on the stage. His stand-up role in Mork & Mindy (from 1978 to 1982) and theatre performance as Estragon in a production of Waiting for Godot are a proof positive of his versatile acting talent. Robins greatest professional advantages are his terrific impersonations that he switches between at an outstandingly high speed. A great part of his roles have been comic (eg. The Birdcage, Mrs. Doubtfire). He has also starred in serious movies (Awakenings , What Dreams May Come) and in 1998 he wins an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for his compassionate, intelligent portrayal of Dr. Sean McGuire in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting. Among Robins achievements stand out his roles in Barry Levinsons Good Morning Vietnam, Peter Weirs Dead Poets Society, Terry Gilliams The Fisher King, all earning him Oscar nominations, as well as Penny Marshalls Awakenings (bringing him a special honor from the National Board of Review), and Mrs. Doubtfire winning him Golden Globe Awards. Williams recent successes have included Les Mayfields Flubber , the 1998 box office hit Patch Adams, Jakob The Liar, the screen adaptation of the Isaac Asimov story Bicentennial Man, Danny DeVitos Death To Smoochy, Chritopher Nolans Insomnia. Robins activity does not cover the cinema field only, he is a dedicated philanthropist as well. With his organization that he co-founds with his wife Marsha Garces Williams Robin raises money for many different charities. Besides being an excellent actor, Robin is a loving father as well. He has three children one with his ex-wife Valerie Velardi and two with Marsha.

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Robin Williams and his wife, Marsha, offered to donate $80,000 to repair a retaining wall and median strip near their home in the city's Seacliff neighborhood." 28/07/2005.

Robin Williams is among the celebrities that pay tribute to late singer/songwriter HARRY NILSSON in a new documentary named Who is Harry Nilsson (and why is everybody talkin' about him?). It will feature home video footage and classic tracks. The famous artist, one of John Lennon's closest friends, died of a heart attack in 1994. The new documentary will premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in February (06). 15/12/2005

And so it was when Robin Williams and his wife, Marsha, offered to donate $80,000 US to fix a retaining wall and median strip near their home in the city's
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