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Sandra BullockSandra Bullock was born on 26 July 1964 in Arlington, Virginia. When she was a little kid she lived in Salzburg and Nuremberg with her aunt and grandmother. When she was 10 Sandra returned to Arlington and enrolled in the local Washington-Lee High School. After graduation she attended the East Carolina University at Greenvillå, where she studied dramatic art. Having graduated Sandra left Greenvillå and moved to New York. Her first success came in 1988 with the movie No Time Flat. Then she appeared in the TV serial Starting From Scratch. In 1989 Sandra took part in the films The Preppie Murder and Who Shot Patakango?. In 1990 the serial Working Girl began in which Sandra played one of the major roles. In the same year she met her grand passion Tate Donovan when shooting the movie Love Potion #9. Sandra followed him to Los Angeles where they lived together for three years. In 1993 Sandra took part in the movie The Vanishing. She became a much sought for actress. Peter Bogdanovich gave her a role in The Thing Called Love. Sandra also starred in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, Fire On The Amazon, Speed, and Demolition Man, in which she partnered with Sylvester Stallone. Joel Schumacher gave her a role in Batman Forever but she had already signed a contract to star in While You Were Sleeping. Around that time she broke up with Tate Donovan, something which made her suffer but which didn’t prevent her from displaying a sense of humor in that movie. While You Were Sleeping proved to be extremely successful with a net profit of over 200 million dollars. Another hit in the form of The Net followed. In 1995 Sandra won a Golden Globe nomination. Then she decided to take the initiative and created Fortis Films to produce her future films. Hope Floats was the first of them. In Practical Magic Sandra starred with Nicole Kidman. The box-office hit Miss Congeniality followed. Despite her “serious” roles Sandra Bullock remains unsurpassed in the comedies in which she has starred.

Sandra Bullock News
Sandra Bullock is suing the builder she has hired to build a luxury house for her. She accused him before a court in Texas that he's built a house, which is uninhabitable. 20 August 2004
Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend Jesse James are rumored to be getting married having been seen buying diamond rings. 19 July 2004
TV actor Jesse James tattooed on his chest the name of his flame Sandra Bullock.22 April 2004
... The 'Miss Congeniality' star, who is reportedly engaged to motor mechanic Jesse James, believes that 40 is not too late an age to become a mother .. - London | September 02, 2004
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