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santana Music giant Carlos Santana is a living legend that is yet to shower us with a lot of his magnificent creativeness. Born 58 years ago in Autlan, Mexico, Carlos is infused with the inspiration that traditional Mexican music brings from an innocent age. His infatuation with Latin music is fostered by his father's vocation - violin playing, thus getting the courage that being a musician could be an occupation worthy of respect. Following his family's shifting from town to town, Carlos finally reaches San Francisco, where he starts searching for fellows that would be in sympathy with his musical aspirations. Fortune apparently favors the brave as the young guitar player sets up the Santana Blues Band that at an incredibly accelerated pace reaches the legendary stage of Woodstock festival. The band's debut album entitled 'Santana', released in 1969, goes double platinum to be later eclipsed by their following project 'Abraxas' (1970), that goes quadruple platinum. The immense success Carlos has with the band is accompanied by his branching out into solo achievements. Under his pen is created the notorious score to the sensational film 'La Bamba'. In respect of his emblematic accomplishments, Carlos is invited to take part in the first ever joint US and Soviet rock concert RocknRoll Summit. Apart from making incredible music, Carlos also devotes to a number of civic and humanitarian initiatives. Among the causes he ardently supports are Blues for Salvador, San Francisco Earthquake Relief, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Santana's extremely productive efforts eventually lead to fourteen gold, and nine platinum albums. His most notable honors are the eight Grammy awards that he collects at the 2000's edition of the event, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for 'Smooth' and Album of the Year for 'Supernatural'.

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Carlos Santana revealed the stellar list of guests that will perform for his upcoming album - "All That I Am", due on Nov. 1. The record will feature performances of Joss Stone, Steven Tyler, Kirk Hammett, Mary J. Blige, OutKast's Big Boi, Bo Bice, Los Lonely Boys, Black Eyed Pea's Will, as well as the long-time collaborator Rob Thomas. The first single from the album will be a collaboration between Santana and the Wreckers, Michelle Branch's new group. September 14, 2005

Guitarist Carlos Santana was given an Honorary Doctor of Music Degree at an official ceremony organized by the LA's Occidental College. The event featured a feedback on Santana's Supernatural made by the incoming Freshman class. Santana in turn addressed the public with an inspiring message. September 6, 2005

Juelz Santana lends a verse to the single, further adding to its radio-friendly vibe.
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