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Shania Twain sees the daylight on the August 28th 1965 in Windsor, Ontario. She grows up in a family that nourishes her music skills. Music proves to always be an indelible part of her family's life, despite the financial troubles there. She dedicates to song-writing and singing when being pretty young, drawing her inspiration from Tammy Wynette and Willie Nelson, as well as Stevie Wonder, The Mamas and the Papas, and The Carpenters. Her parents are quite helpful as regards the stimulus to get on stage and perform for the public. At 8, she makes performances at various places such as churches and bars, where her talent can be easily noticed. Her mother gives her the greatest courage during her first public appearances. After graduating from high school, Shania heads for Toronto to become a professional singer/songwriter. The tragedy that happens to her parents in 1987 makes her devote her energies to the care of her younger brothers and sisters. For the purpose, she is forced to sing and dance in the course of 3 years. At that time Shania keeps on working over her career, turning into reality a demo record presented by Mercury Records in Nashville heard. She still bears her old name: Eileen Twain, which later changes to Shania Twain. Shania in American Indian means "I'm on my way". While her first album entitled Shania Twain is a true failure, her second one: The Woman In Me, edited in 1995, was sold in 18 million copies. Presently, Shania is married to the rock producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, who stands behind her latest two albums. They live together in Switzerland, where Shania learns to speak French. She has a son named Eją, who comes into the world on 12 August 2001. His birth is celebrated with the release of Shania's fourth album UP.

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Shania Twain performed live at the 70 000 Qualcomm Stadium in California. ShShania Twain takes the third posiiton in the ranking for most sold concert tickets: $62.5 million. The ranking leader is Madonna with $125 million, followed by Prince: $90.2 million.

... Canadian singer Shania Twain has announced she will develop and market a fragrance line for the fragrance company Stetson Fragrances... Sunday, February 20, 2005
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