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Shannon ElizabethShannon Elizabeth Fabal was brought into the world on September 7th, 1976 in Houston, Texas. Her exotic appearance could be attributed to the fact that her father is of mixed syrian-Lebanese origin, while in her mother's veins flow a mixture of English. French and American Indian blood. At primary school Shannon is carried away by volleyball and dancing, and tennis becomes her greatest passion at high school. Her life took an unexpected twist in Shannon's senior year when she starred in video that a local band was shooting. The producer thought that Shannon had what it took to become a model, and convinced her and her parents to go to New York to get some photos done. After graduating from high school in 1991, she moves to New York to work as a model. The job opens many windows of opportunities for her to travel abroad and visit states such as: France, Japan, Hong Kong, and Italy. When getting back to the US, SHANNON settles in L.A. where she signs a contract with Ford Modeling Agency. However, she is already in love with acting, hoping that photo sessions would bring her the experience needed to break into the cinema world. Her first step in the showbusiness comes when she takes part in a Taco Bel advertising. Before long she wins the attention of directors and is given parts in TV productions. She features in films such as Hang Time, Pacific Blue, My Generation, Step By Step, Blade Squad, USA High and My Generation. In 1997 Shannon gets a role in Jack Frost, where she appears naked. American Pie is adorned by her exotic presence, as well. Presently, Shannon shares her home with actor Joe Reitman in the company of her six dogs. Her foremost vocation is yogin
Shannon Elizabeth is among those few women that really make man's blood boil (in a good way). The world is full of beautiful women who are easy on the eyes, but there are only some women who really get a man's adrenaline rushing and Shannon falls into that category.

Shannon Elizabeth News
American Pie's star Shannon Elizabeth's buffs will be quite unhappy to understand that she is getting married
Shannon Elizabeth is double endangered by the recent terrorist threats, because of her semi-Arabic origin
Shannon Elizabeth cannot accept one simple moving to Hollywood, which surprises people, how then did she manage to become a star.
... Mr. and Mrs. Stephen (Ellen) Day, of Chillicothe, are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Shannon Elizabeth Day, of Chillicothe, to Nathanael Levi Litter, of Bourneville, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark (Denise) Litter, of Bourneville . .. - August 27, 2004
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