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sisqo African-American R&B and pop music star Sisqo was born Mark Durell Andrews in Baltimore, Maryland on November 9, 1978. Sisqo's most notable accomplishment so far are his lead singer position in notorious R&B group Dru Hill and the thong underwear fashion explosion fueled by his smash hit "Thong Song". Sisqo's rapidly ascending way to stardom begins when he gets recruited by Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin as the clue member of Dru Hill, a promising R&B group named after Druid Hill Park in his native city. Dru Hill's magnificent success is largely due to Sisqo's overwhelming eccentric stage presence and vocal appeal. Sisqo's off-beat appearance is mostly due to his eclectic hair styles, including blond cornrows or neon red dyed locks. After two platinum LPs and a great deal of successful singles with Dru Hill, Sisqo decides to quit the group and embark on his solo career. This turn in his music career turns out to be an even more successful one with the releases of the brilliant Unleash the Dragon in November 1999. Hit singles "Thong Song" and its follow-up "Incomplete" turn into major hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. His second album Return the Dragon (2001) features hits such as "Can I Live" and "Dance With Me", making the release platinum, however, at a much slower pace than the debut one. In 2002 Sisq gets back to Dru Hill for the release of their third LP in late 2002.

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R&B star SISQO was taken into custody for allegedly firing several shots at a car parked outside a neighbor's house. The incident took place in the Baltimore, Maryland suburb of Randallstown. The DRU HILL singer was with his girlfriend at the scene of the crime. They were both given charges: Sisqo for first-degree assault, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment, and TERA THOMASfor second-degree assault and resisting arrest. Sisqo allowed officers into his house and denied having fired any shots, but police say they found a recently used gun in the singer's house.

Jodie Price has her own range of them, Sisqo sang about them and Peter Stringfellow made us feel sick in his, but now it seems our love affair with the thong is finally over.
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