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Snoop Dogg Calvin Broadus , best known as Snoop Dogg is among the most popular gangsta MCs today. His remarkable pseudonim is due to his mothers imagination as she found out that her little boy resembled the cartoon dog Snoopy. His successful career starts more than ten years ago when his debut release 'Doggystyle hits the music stores bringing a new age in rap music. He is notorious for launching the naughty style in music videos performance. His videos abound in erotic scenes, where semi-naked beauties demonstrate the charm of women as a whole, along with Snoops esthetic sense of beauty. Music is not the only stream in Snoops successful public career. He has a shoe collection called 'Doggy Biscuitz', and also made it to the big screen by appearing in a number of hit releases such as 'Starsky and Hutch', 'Old School' and 'Soul Plane'. His comedian makings find a good stage at 'Saturday Night Live' and his own variety show 'Doggy Fizzle Televizzle'. Snoops closest friend among rappers is Dr. Dre and they both often collaborate to produce winning project. One of the most shaking moments in his life is in 1993 when he is accused of a murder, that he is later found innocent on. This case gets a great public attention and fosters a lot his great rise to stardom. Despite his versatile public presence, Snoop keeps devoting most of his professional time to music. His latest album 'Snoop Dogg : Rhythm and Gangsta:The Masterpiece' has spawned the hit single 'Drop It Like It's Hot'.

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Rapper SNOOP DOGG has taken a defensive stance for his rap colleague Stanley Tookie Williams to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The rap superstar joined protesting people outside San Quentin State Prison in California on Saturday (19NOV05) and made a public plea to Schwarzenegger to grant his friend a stay of execution. November 21rst, 2005

Now, CNN reports a new commercial which should break Saturday (tomorrow) will feature Lee and Snoop Dog in order to reach younger consumers who have no idea ...
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