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Tom Cruise Today's glamor of Tom Cruise's life does not even drop a hint about what he went through at the beginning of his life path. Born 43 years ago in Syracuse in the family of nomadic parents, Tom could not feel the bliss of home place stability, because his family moved from place to place due to business matters. The major hardship came when after his father's death Tom had to take the family guard position, being the one to take care of his mother and sisters. Hard life trained Tom in high concentration and endless will. That helped him a lot in his incessant search of himself. His high sense of responsibility, combined with his devotion to sports made him grow as a perfectly disciplined young man, ready to climb high walls. Tom's actual plunge into to cinema world came when he moved to Los Angeles and later to New York in search of his great chance. Signing with the Creative Artists Agency, he literally dived into the show business. His first serious appearance, however, was his role in Taps that grabbed the attention of promising directors. Tom's winning smile and charming approach to acting helped him gain considerable momentum in his career. In result, today Tom has behind his back remarkable movie heritage: Mission: Impossible - $180 million, A Few Good Men - $141 million, Rain Man - $172 million, Top Gun - $176 million, Jerry Maguire - $158 million, The Firm - $158 million, Mission: Impossible 2 - $215 million, all of them box-office killers! It could be concluded that probably the greatest movie star in the world is a clear example of the ups and downs in life.

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Tom Cruise put a resolute end to the widely spreading rumors that his romance with Katie Holmes is just a commercial trick to trigger the popularity of his newest movie project - War of the Worlds. The Hollywood dream for tons of women around the world proposed to the 26-year old actress on a very special public place - the top of the Eiffel Tower. This will be the third marriage for Tom, who has left behind his back official relationships with actresses Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. In Tom's words, this time he is completely in love!... 17 June 2005
Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise occupies the 10th position in the new 2005 Forbes magazine Celebrity 100 list topped by TV talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. The famous ranking bases on illustrative criteria such as: power, salaries and media presence of celebrities. Cruise's position comes as no surprise after his recent extremely successful movie project: War of the Worlds.... 17 June
Celebrity Tom Cruise made publicly known his belief in aliens. In his words, it would be arrogant to think we, as humans, are alone in this universe. This statement is provoked by interview questions about his leading role in the blockbuster War Of The Worlds, where he is pursued by aliens. Tom's strong belief in the extra-terrestrial side of life is fostered by his dedication to the controversial Church of Scientology, whose members are also Kirstie Alley, Kelly Preston and John Travolta.!... 30 June 2005

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Superstar Tom Cruise plans to spend millions of dollars on an "Arabian Nights" style wedding with Katie Holmes. According to the ...
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