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Tyra BanksTyra was given birth to on the 12th of April, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. She has everything that a celebrity could dream of, being a profit-making model, actress and TV celebrity. Her lifestyle combines many features of the one typical of Southern California. Aside from the fact that her parents divorce when being a child, she goes though an easy-going childhood. As adolescent she is quite skinny and longish, which makes her often feel uneasy in the company of classmates. Tyra's mother takes the girl to the doctor to check if there is any problem with her explosive growth in height. The expert convinces the mother of her child's flawless health condition. Despite that, Tyra does not feel in a good shape within her skin, which incites her to go on a diet with a special food type that could enlarge her measures. However, till her 17th anniversary she keeps the status quo of her size with no trace of the slightest change. After turning 17, all of her body's accessories begin growing and she acquires the measures that now make her one of the most popular models in the world. Being advised by her mother to be strong-willed and defend her rights till the very end, she finds it easy to walk through the embarrassing path of becoming a supermodel. Encouraged not to succumb to the stress provoked by the words that she would not make it, Tyra keeps a confident pace while building her magnificent career. All this life education she gets from her mother hardens her will for centuries ahead. Tyra moves to Paris for a year to work with fashion designers such as: Ralph Lauren and Chanel. She gets back to the States and dives again into her sparkling modeling career,in the meantime working over other skills of hers. She accepts the proposed small part in British television Video "Inferno", followed be an appearance with Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in a supporting role. Her first real role comes in John Singleton's "Higher Learning". She takes the role to heart so much that when having to play a specific role requiring additional knowledge, she finds the time span to learn everything needed in order to accomplish an authentic performance on the screen. Tyra is repeatedly included in People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful" list. There is even a book on her brilliant life: "Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out". Tyra enjoys playing tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, bowling and snorkelling when being somewhere in the Caribbean region. She likes going out with her friends at dinner time; they are not players in the entertainment industry.

Tyra Banks News
Tyra Banks organizes camps for adolescents to deal with their problems. She calls the initiative TZone, dealing with problems such as: incertitude, self-respect, and relationship with the other sex.
Tyra Banks is, no doubt, one of the greatest models, but her beauty puts her in a perplexed situation as regards love's path. The star from Coyote Ugly (2000) thinks that men have fear of beauty and do not even dare come close to her.
... Supermodel Tyra Banks has signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Telepictures to host her own daytime talk show, which will be exective-produced by Benny Medina . .. - New York, Sept 15 2004
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