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Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Lynn Williams sees the daylight on 18 March 1963 in New York. Her parents, being musicians, inspire her liking for music and as a teenager Vanessa performs in a music theatre. In 1981 the talented young beauty wins a scholarship at the Syracuse University. In the meantime, she also features beauty contests and in 1983 is declared a winner. Thus, Vanessa becomes the first American of Afro-origin to win such a recognition. However, the following scandal provoked by republished naked photos of hers overshadow this success. As some kind of compensation she commits to singing and acting. In 1987 Vanessa occupies a brief position in The Pickup Artist. The same year she marries her manager Ramon Harvey. Williams' debut album is released in 1988 under the name The Right Stuff. The single "Dreamin'" tops R&B charts. Following the success of the album are some appearances in TV movies. In 1991 she climbs R&B charts with another hit-single: "Save the Best for Last". The album-mother she releases some time later, selling it in 2 million copies worldwide. In 1993 Vanessa performs the following hit of hers: "Love Is" in duet with Brian McKnight. In consequence, this song is incorporated in the soundtrack of Beverly Hills 90210. One year later Williams performs in the Broadway of the Spider Woman. The Sweetest Days is the name of her third album, demonstrating a remarkable performance of jazzy pop and torch songs. In 1995 Vanessa records the commercial version of "Colors of the Wind," included in the soundtrack of Pocahontas, which brings her an Academy Award. In 1996, the multi-talented professional divorces Harvey and releases the album Star Bright. The following year she gives birth to her fourth album Next. As concerns her acting career, it is marked by appearances for Dance With Me (1998), Light It Up (1999), and Shaft (2000). In 1998 the beauty marries to L.A. Lakers Rick Fox.

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Singer and actress Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox are in divorce proceedings, being silent about the reason. Behind their back remains a 5-year old mutual life and a 4-year-old daughter Sasha. 11 August 2004
Vanessa Williams was selected as the face of Crest regarding the brand's campaign for tooth pasts for advancing in years women. According to the ad's plot, the product makes life longer. Williams states that it's the first time that Crest picks a celebrity as a representative and her smile was the key for picking her.
... Lava Records has signed Vanessa Williams for two themed albums. .. - September 03, 2004
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