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Vivica A Fox Vivica Anjanetta Fox was born on 30 July 1964 and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has one sister and two brothers. Vivica graduated in Social Sciences at the Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. Her first breakthrough in Hollywood was in the movie Independence Day, in which she partners with Will Smith. Both of them won an MTV Best Kiss Award. She then played the role of the dangerous and seducing Ms. B Haven in the box-office hit Batman & Robin, in which also starred superstars Arnold Schwarzeneger, Uma Thurman and George Clooney. In 1997 Vivica played one of the three sisters in the family drama Soul Food, which won her the MTV award for best actress. People magazine voted her one of the most beautiful women in the world for 1997. In 1998 she took part in Why Do Fools Fall In Love together with Larenz Tate, Halle Berry and Lela Rochon. In Idle Hands (1999) Vivica partnered with Jessica Alba, and in Two Can Play That Game (2001) with Gabrielle Union. In 2002 Vivica Fox starred in Juwanna Mann, a movie about a man who dresses like a woman in order to continue playing professional basketball, as well as in Boat Trip. In 2003 she made an impressive performance in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol. 1, and in 2004 Vivica starred in Motives, which she also produced. In 1998 Vivica married the singer Christopher "Sixx-Nine" Harvest, whom she divorced in 2002. After dating the famous rapper 50 Cent for a relatively short time in 2003, Vivica is free again.

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Vivica A Fox found work for her fashion designer having spilled a glass of red wine on her expensive diamond-incrusted dress, which was especially tailored for Vivica by designer Randi Rahm for the Oscar nominations party which took place on February 29. 15 March 2004
The romantic relationship between Vivica A. Fox and the hip-hop star 50 Cent had dried up, which became evident during Monaco's World Music Awards. 7 November 2003
Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 6, 2004 - Vivica A. Fox will host the Opa-locka 78th Arabian Nights Festival in Opa-locka, Florida on September 17 & 18, 2004 at the Opa-locka Airport Sep 6, 2004
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