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    Dont Approach Me Lyrics

    [X] Pssh, man I need a lighter man
    [E] Right here
    [X] Yeahhh.. whassup Slim?
    [E] What's crackin?
    [X] Hit this shit
    [E] Ssshhit I almost hit this motherfucker today
    [X] Psh, is that right?
    [E] What is it with motherfuckers thinkin that..
    [E] {*SIGH*} because we're in the spotlight or whatever that..
    [E] they can do or say whatever they want to us
    [E] and that we won't retaliate
    [X] Protect my motherfuckin' self, by ANY
    [E] Right?

    [Chorus 2X: Eminem]
    Cause you don't know me, I don't know you
    So don't approach me, I won't approach you
    And don't insult me, I won't insult you
    Cause you don't know what I will or I won't do

    Make no mistake, I'm the Golden State heavyweight
    Bein underrated gave me time to create it
    Can you relate? I renovate, straight out the gate
    Carried my weight, but seem to receive nothin but hate
    Millionaires snatchin crumbs off my little son plate
    Kidnapped, locked in a trunk, get shot in the face
    No hoes, no clothes, no one showin up for my shows
    You know how it goes; I might as well kick it at home
    But my baby momma hate my guts and can't stand me (yeah)
    Packed up, moved out, started a new family
    So all this strugglin for what, so I can blow up
    marry a slut but can't watch my seed grow up?
    FUCK THAT, this the fuckin thanks I get
    for tryin to edutain assholes and feed my bitch
    Yo I feel like my whole life is upside down (upside down)
    cause you seein more support than I'm seein my child
    It's like..

    .. everyday I wake up, another drama
    It's a wonder I'm alive, survivin this karma
    If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer
    I might get my wife to let go of this knife and just calm her
    without these cameras in our faces like animals
    for your Channel 2 Action News to follow our ambulence up the avenue
    and catch a glimpse of all the suicide attempts
    and what we do in private since they won't let us put up a fence
    And you wonder why I carry every gun under the sun
    whether it's unloaded full or an un-registered one
    No bullet, you're so full of shit
    this clip is so full it'll spit if I don't pull it
    And don't give me no bullshit I'm not in the mood
    I just got in a feud in some parkin lot with a dude
    over Kim and she just slit both of her wrists over the shit
    Don't tell me bout the show business shit
    I know what this is, bitch


    This ain't business, this is personal BITCH
    You don't know Xzibit from shit, new school, class dismissed
    I had a very FUCKED UP day, I'm needin this fit
    Shuttin motherfuckers up like they pleadin the 5th
    Yo Em it's time to get serious with it (yeah)
    Time for everybody to feel it, similar to the egg in the skillet
    This is your brain on drugs, Xzibit brain on thugs
    Ain't no neighborhood that's big enough to bang on us
    Ain't no love lost my niggaz, relax yo'self
    I'm about to snatch it all and start spreadin the wealth
    To my niggaz who never seen it I mean it when I holla
    at the top of my lungs about my guns and my loved ones
    Got, tons of ammo to crack your enamel
    Changin your channel, you played like a fuckin piano
    Ridin slow through Cali like I'm ridin a camel
    Millionaire motherfuckers with their brains in their flannels
    I feel like, Tony Soprano, who do I trust now?
    Just hit me on my tele' nigga soon as I touch down
    Spit lines to split spines just to get mine
    Big behind bitches gettin dick to spit shine
    Sniff lines of coke, that's the only shit that make you dope
    Bitch-ass nigga that's droppin the soap
    Get choked out and beat, put your head in a vise-grip
    and turn til you motherfuckers tell me the right shit

    So do I gotta buy a whole block to myself
    a front door with twelve locks
    and have a bodyguard walk me out to my mailbox
    and everytime somebody makes a threat, run and tell cops?
    Fuck that, I protect myself with these twelve shots
    and one in the chamber, gun in the waist
    and one in the ankle, waitin for someone to come to my place
    tryin to walk up and knock like these cocksuckers are not
    gonna get a shotgun or a glock shoved in their face?
    And it's a disgrace Hailey can't play with her toys
    in the front yard without you drivin by honkin your horn
    screamin some shit, leanin out your windows, beepin n shit
    Or pullin up in my drive like I won't leap in your whip
    And so these kids tell their friends and relatives where I live
    so my address ends up on the internet again
    So then, I do an interview with Spin, tellin them
    that if someone comes to my crib, I'ma shove a gun in their ribs
    And reporters, blow it out of proportion
    "Oh, now he's pullin guns on his fans
    just for tryin to stand on his porch"
    And I'm the bad guy, cause I don't answer my door like "Hey hi!
    You guys wants some autographs? Okay, form a straight line!"
    Sometimes I feel like loadin this rifle
    and climbin the roof at night and hidin outside to snipe you
    It's not that I don't like you..
    .. it's just that when I'm not behind the mic
    I'm a person who's just like you

    Forgot About Dre Lyrics

    Y'all know me, still the same O.G., but I been low key
    Hated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese, no deals and no G's
    No wheels and no keys, no boats no snowmobiles, and no ski's
    Mad at me cause I can finally afford to provide my family with groceries
    Got a crib wit a studio and it's all full of tracks
    to add to the wall full of plaques
    Hangin up in the office in back of my house like trophies
    Did y'all think I'ma let my dough freeze? Ho please
    You better bow down on both knees
    Who you think taught you to smoke trees?
    Who you think brought you the oldies?
    Eazy-E's, Ice Cube's, and D.O.C's
    The Snoop D-O-double-G's
    and the group that said mother-"Fuck Tha Police"
    Gave you tape full of dope beats
    to bump when you stroll through in your hood
    And when your album sales wasn't doin too good
    who's the Doctor they told you to go see?
    Y'all better listen up closely
    All you niggaz that said that I turned pop, or The Firm flopped
    Y'all are the reason that Dre ain't gettin no sleep
    so FUCK Y'ALL, all of y'all; if y'all don't like me, BLOW ME!
    Y'all are gonna keep fuckin around wit me
    and turn me back to the old me

    Chorus: Eminem (repeat 2X)

    Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say
    but nothin comes out when they move their lips;
    just a bunch of gibberish
    And motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dre

    So what do you say to somebody you hate (What?)
    Or anyone tryin to bring trouble your way?
    Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way? (YUP)
    Then just study a tape of N.W.A.!
    One day I was walkin by, wit a Walkman on, when I caught a guy
    give me an awkward eye (What you lookin at?)
    And strangled him off in the parkin lot, wit his Karl Kani
    I don't give a fuck if it's dark or not
    I'm harder than me tryin to park a Dodge
    when I'm drunk as fuck
    Right next to a humungous truck in a two-car garage {*CRUNCH*}
    Hoppin out wit two broken legs, tryin to walk it off
    "Fuck you too bitch, call the cops!"
    I'ma kill you and them loud ass motherfuckin barkin dogs
    And when the cops came through
    me and Dre stood next to a burnt down house
    Wit a can full of gas and a hand full of matches
    And still weren't found out (RIGHT HERE)
    From here on out it's the Chronic 2
    Startin today and tomorrow's the new
    And I'm still loco enough
    To choke you to death wit a Charleston Chew
    {*Eminem's vocal turntable*}
    Slim shady - hotter then a set of twin babies
    in a Mercedes Benz wit the windows up
    when the temp goes up to the mid 80's
    Callin mad ladies; sorry Doc but I been crazy
    There's no way that you can save me
    It's okay, go with him Hailie(Da-da?)


    [Dr. Dre]
    If it was up to me, you muh'fuckers would stop comin up to me
    wit your hands out lookin up to me, like you want somethin free
    When my last CD was out, you wasn't bumpin me
    But now that I got this little company
    Everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease
    But you won't get a crumb from me
    Cause I'm from the streets of (COMPTON)
    I told em all - all them little gangstas
    Who you think helped mold 'em all?
    Now you wanna run around talkin bout guns like I ain't got none
    What you think I sold 'em all?
    Cause I stay well off
    Now all I get is hate mail all day sayin Dre fell off
    What cause I been in the lab wit a pen and a pad
    tryin to get this damn label off?
    I ain't havin that; this is the millenium of Aftermath
    It ain't gon' be nothin after that
    So give me one more platinum plaque
    and fuck rap! You can have it back
    So where's all the Madd Rappers at?
    It's like a jungle in this habitat
    But all you savage cats, know that I was strapped wit gats
    when you were cuddlin a Cabbage Patch

    Chorus 3x

    Monkey See, Monkey Do Lyrics

    ay yo 50
    what i tell you
    we aint even have to say shit
    they did it

    monkey see monkey do
    dont ever make the first move
    just let em' come to you
    cause they always gunna see and do what the other one do
    so let em' come to you
    the rest of us follow suit
    monkey see monkey do
    if they really want it bad enough well then they gunna come
    now here they come as we expected now we just set em' up
    check-mate motherfucker
    games over
    we won

    it doesnt take much
    for me to raise such a stink up
    when motherfuckers hate your guts
    you aint even gotta say much
    for me to put a pen to a blank sheet of papers
    like smearing blood stains with a paint brush
    i cant explain what it is my brain does
    but however it works its insane
    its plain nutz
    and it aint just my brain thas dangerous
    its a whole combination of things
    it takes nutz
    and im not afriad to raise the stakes up
    i got a million bucks in the banks and 8 trucks
    for anybody who gets on the track and spanks us
    im patiently waiting for the day
    im anxious
    to see the look on ya fake mugs
    when you thugs go bankrupt
    ya drunk
    ya aint tough
    whatever you drank musta just turned ya into some gangstas
    this is me talking motherfucker
    this aint drugs
    you wanna pop, shit wake-up, then make-up
    its too late chump now face up
    i pray for the day that someone who spits with the calliber that nas and jay does
    opens up his jaw to say something or rattle my name off
    or rattle the first thing from the top of his brain off
    so i can blow the fuckin dust off of this chainsaw
    and give him the surgery that he came for
    till i pull the paint off
    i never been shot
    but i think me and 50 musta been cut from the same cloth
    cause ive always came off
    like ja's chain
    when they try to rush him and lost
    and came back and gave him a watch in exchange for it
    i dont stop
    the only thing i wait for
    is day that i dont gotta report to probate court
    cause ima give ya all the reason to hate more
    cause ive been holding my tounge till i got a sprained jaw
    alot of rappers on my list that just aint ja
    and ima read that motherfucker off from april
    you pussies think i went soft since 8 mile
    when i come back ill be shootin more than just paint balls
    trust me

    monkey see monkey do
    dont ever make the first move
    just let em' come to you
    cause they always gunna see and do what the other one do
    so let em' come to you
    the rest of us follow suit
    monkey see monkey do
    if they really want it bad enough well then they gunna come
    now here they come as we expected now we just set em' up
    check-mate motherfucker
    games over
    we won

    fuckin dummies
    this aint chess
    ya playin motherfuckin checkers
    this shit is all day man its too easy
    we playin chess you playin checkers
    you bout to get ya motherfuckin asses jumped
    fucking punks
    and by the way
    we aint just talking to one person
    we talking to every-motherfucking-body who wants to bring it cause we bringin it to anybody who wants to bring it
    so bring it
    dont pick up the ball if you dont wanna play man
    its all fucked up now
    the fuck im spose to do now?
    the fuck im spose to do?
    yo, we out


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