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EminemEminem, who was born Marshall Mathers, has cultivated his notoriously grotesque, sardonic stance on life and its bitterness since he was grown up enough to realize the hardships and irony of living in a society. His emotionally charged messages stem from a touchy soul that saw too much of poverty and injustice. Eminem's rap performing started at age 14 in a basement, them he moved to the MC clubs to improve his makings against proved performers, thus gradually breaking the racial boundaries in that genre. Inspired by his guru Dr. Dre, Eminem turns the showbusiness world upside down with his caustic lyrics and miraculous gift to vent on any example of disgrace and banality. The unprecedentedly talented for a white rapper Eminem changed several groups before making the name for one of the most gifted and controversial rappers the world has seen. He found himself most comfortable in D-12 in the company of fellows who supported each other's solo performances, giving a great push to his looming as an individual artist. Eminem debuted in 1996 with the successful solo album Infinite to launch the triple platinum Slim Shady LP followed three years later. The colorful mixture of anger and irony that his lyrics radiate reaches its climax in 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP where his bitter personal experience reaches the highest level of exposure to the general public. The album's undeniable success was accompanied by a series of dramatic public events that opened the floodgates to mainstream media's yellow power such as: a battle with pop star Christina Aguilera over a lyric about her sexuality, a lawsuit from his mother over defamation of character, a split with his wife for his song "Kim" over its wife-murdering topic etc. Eminem's talent is very adequately captured in the movie 8 Mile that represents an outburst of his MC gift inspired by the colorful picture of his life so far. His music performance to date has been awarded with six Grammy awards and their number is expected to grow as Eminem has the potential to go on despite the drawbacks he confronts.

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Eminem hospitalized Eminem was reported to have been hospitalized as an emergency case on the occasion of sleep-medication dependency. That diagnosis sheds more light on the officially proclaimed reason for the cancellation of his 10-date European tour:exhaustion. A spokesperson for the rapper revealed that Eminem is under doctors' care and the time that he needs to recover from the illness is unknown yet. ... 6 April 2005
Eminem sued by relatives
Eminem's aunt and uncle filed a lawsuit against the notorious rapper over unpaid cash that he promised them some time ago. According to an official agreement between both sides, Eminem was supposed to pay Jack and Betti Schmitt an annual income of $100,000 to pay off the house that they bought at his request.
The lawsuit is the latest family slam for Eminem, whose mother Debbie sued him for venting on her on one of his tracks. ... Aug 18.2005

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Eminem's newly-formed business relationship with car manufacturing giant Ford has reportedly been severed over his new song 'Ass like that'.
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